Grandma To Grandson Lion Blanket


Featured above is a Grandma To Grandson Lion Blanket. Personalize this blanket and make it a perfect gift for your grand kids! All designs are carefully created with a beautiful color palette to look good even in photos.

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These luxury personalized blankets are stitched together using a special type of plush fabric called Minky that is much softer and thicker than normal fleece. Please allow for natural variances up to 0.5″ due to the handsewn quality.

♡ All blankets sold are handmade, so expect little to no static
♡ Stretchy and soft even after several washes
♡ Looks great in photos
♡ All of the materials we use in the production of our blankets are non-toxic and safe for all ages

Grandma To Grandson Lion Blanket

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30" x 40" Premium Minky, 50" x 60" Premium Minky, 60" x 80" Premium Minky


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