What I’m looking for is not here. What should I do?

We have thousands of designs in our inventory but there are times when none of them fits your liking. Don’t be turned off by what is lacking in our store because we will always allocate a significant portion of our time to do custom designs especially for you per your request.

If you have something in mind that is not in our inventory, you can always make a request.

Say, for example, you are a big fan of “mandala design” and not a single piece of merchandise with such a pattern is in our store. We will come up with our unique design and put on the product for you. When the product is up and live in our store, we will contact you so that you can decide whether or not you wish to purchase the new item. Still not satisfied? No worries. We will provide more designs so that you can have more to choose from.

I want to use my own picture, where do I upload?

Some of you may want to have your own pictures on the products. You can do so by uploading your personal picture through our upload page. Rest assured, we always take good care of your privacy and we handle your information or any relevant images with great care. Please read our privacy policy to learn more about how we handle data collected from users.

If you have something in mind that is not in our inventory, you can always make a request.

Can I pay using credit card?

For those of you wondering if we accept credit card payments – The answer is YES!

Alternatively, you can make payments using your credit card through Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you just need to create one. It only takes a few minutes to complete the registration and then you are good to go!

Be sure to learn about our credit card policy through our payment page.

Should I trust CreativGoods?

That’s a good question that deserves a highlight because obviously nobody wants to be ripped off. Granted CreativGoods website is young and new, but we have been in this industry since 2009, selling thousands of products to our customers from all over the world in eBay. We have received thousands of positive feedbacks in the eBay marketplace and we continue to receive more positive feedback every day. That should reflect our online credibility.

Are there any other ways to securely buy the product?

Maybe some of you are still skeptical and are in doubt of CreativGoods’ credibility. We don’t blame you; we truly understand your sentiment. The best possible way to address your concern is by asking you to buy our products through the eBay marketplace. Many products from this website are not listed in our eBay inventory, but you can ask us to put up specific item from this website on eBay so that you can buy safely via eBay. When the listing on eBay is up and running we will let you know.

How about that? We will do everything possible in our service to ensure that you feel safe about what you are buying and where your money is going 🙂

If I can buy it from your eBay store, why should I buy it from this site?

There are a couple of reasons why you should buy from CreativGoods site rather than our store on eBay. First and foremost, the items listed on our website are at a LOWER price than the items listed on our eBay store. On eBay, we need to pay hefty listing fee, whether or not an item is sold after certain period of time. If the item is successfully sold, we need to pay up to 12% Final Value Fee (FVF) of the product price. With absurdly high fees imposed on us, we can’t really afford to expand our business.

Second, there are lot more choice of designs you can choose from on this website as compared to our eBay store simply because we can put as much merchandise as possible here without a listing fee or any other additional costs.

I’ve paid, what’s next?

After you completed the order, you will be notified of the purchase you just made. We will review the order and if everything is good, we will let you know that your order is approved. From here on, we will start to process your order which means we print out design on the merchandise, start packaging and finally ship out your item – usually within 48 hours. After the item is shipped, we will notify you again about the shipment. You can find further details about shipping from this link.

Why do you need to review and approve the order I made?

This is the standard procedure we adopt in CreativGoods mainly to protect ourselves from fraudulence. There are several cases that have occurred where a buyer buys products in large quantities and starts to initiate chargeback in Paypal after receiving the items. This irresponsible action brings adverse effects on our business. Yes, from time to time we do receive large quantity order from genuine buyers who are probably a big fan of a certain design and decide to take a shopping spree on CreativGoods. You are most welcomed here and we have no intention to cause you any inconvenience. We hope you understand the situation.

What if I decide to buy items in large quantities?

We will contact you once you place the order to verify your information and your order. When dealing with big quantity order, we will make sure the delivery is made by using a fast courier services such as DHL or Fedex where a tracking number will be provided to the buyer after the package is successfully shipped. Additional shipping charges will be the responsibility of the buyer. If the order is a legitimate one and you agree to the shipping terms for bulk order, we will process the order right away.

Do you ship items to my country?

We ship to every country worldwide except Israel, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea and Sudan.

How long does it usually take for an item to arrive?

We are sure this is your primary concern and we will try our best to process the order as soon as possible. As far as our end is concerned, it will only take 3 to 5 business days before an item is shipped. The rest of the shipping time will depend on the courier services in China or the USA and in the country where you reside as well as customs clearance.

Because shipping time varies from one country to another, we have covered this topic in great details here where you can get a precise estimation of the shipping time to your country. We also include a shipping time distribution from our past buyers so that can you can get rough idea of the real shipping time.

I received defective merchandise, what do I do?

Defects happen but not all the time, in fact, it’s extremely rare. If you believe you have received a defective piece of merchandise, either on the material or workmanship, we will reship a new one at no additional cost. Before we reship it, you need to return the defective item to us so we can take further inspection and make sure it won’t happen in the future. This is quite a large topic to cover on this particular page, but if you want to learn in great details more about our returns policy and how we handle defective merchandise, please go to the following link.

I have a question not listed in the FAQ, how do I contact you?

We know for sure that many of you have questions that are not addressed in this Frequently Asked Questions page. You can reach us through the following means:

email: support[at]creativgoods.com

Or you can also contact us through the following link. It is easier for us if you can include all of your questions or problems you’ve encountered through the form because we need written details to efficiently check your order, payment history, etc., and to make the follow up process faster.

I love this site! How can I help spread the word?

We can’t thank enough for your willingness to help us grow bigger! You can help us by liking our Facebook fan page and spreading the word about us to your friends and family. Last but not least, we love to hear feedback from you. We believe feedback from customers is the very foundation of improving our business. If you have constructive criticism, ideas or anything additional to say about this site, please don’t hesitate to let us know!